Final Build V.?

Does any one know what the gun stats ended up being after GOW 3 going gold?  I know it will change with future title updates/tweeks but on launch day what can we expect with the guns?


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Same as beta more than likely.

Good answer as any I suppose.

Pretty sure they tweeked the DBS slightly... from what I've read in the Epic forums, they seemed to have nerfed it (from what is was in the beta) when firing from the hip.

well I watched the Stream yesterday ( epic vs Nsanez) or something like that...and I'm not sure who was talking but he was explaining the differences in the final build. some of the things he said about DBS is that it wont down you as often only when u are hurt pretty badly and i know that the Retro lancer has a big recoil to the shot when firing from the hip.

Better not change a whole lot.