Final Boss!!!!!!!???????

Why is the final boss so hard in gears of war?... Dom is dumb as and never helps?....

Is there a way to do this single player?????????????????

it's been months now and i cant beat it!


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Just keep shooting the guy in the face as he walks toward you. When he gets close roll toward the other end of the train and stay in the light. Thats really all there is to it.

It will easier for you to beat him in co-op. One of you will use the sniper and the other with torque bow with both of you trying to hit as much active reloaded shots as possible.

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Just beat him by myself on hardcore last night on the PC version.

Dom rushed in and got downed straight away and I just hung back with the sniper rifle.

Raam sent the Krill after me 3-4 times, each time I was able to get a sniper round in his face 3 times (2 while they were coming at me once while they were going back).

After that he was right on top of me so I ran to the other end of the car.

I was then able to pop him in the face 3 more times and he died, Dom was down the whole time.

So 15 or so rounds in his face took him down.

Beating this guy on insane is exactly that. The only way to do it on insane is online.

You can beat him on insane single player. You can get him stuck on a block. This video is the way I did it.

I do it all the time by myself on insane lol. Get the Torque Bow and Longshot. Try to stay away from him (by going to each side avoiding the light) Shoot him with a torque to get the krill of him, then shoot him as many times in the face with the longshot as you can, rinse and repeat until he dies.

look, use torque bow hits to the face to drive of locust bats. he only takes damage as they uncover his face. hit him up close with all fours grenades as you hit him in the face with the sniper rifle. it took me 4 minutes. great u tube video shows you how !