File 6-4 *spoilerish

So, because I took my time before engaging the psychopathic sarge in file 6-2, I now have like 20 seconds to try and get the 3 items and close the breached door in file 6-4? Has this happened to anyone else? Any advice? Starting over is not what I am interested in doing.


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When saving the game use all 3 save slots,this helps if this kind of problem happens.

I figured I was boned. Thanks for the tip, Owen.

To put it simple your fu*ked . The time beat you. Your choices are go back to an earlier save file or start over. Some case files end when you get to the point. Others make you finish the objective before they end. I believe three keep the time going while the mission is still active. The one that you are on, beating TK in the helicopter, and the first mission of escorting the news reporter through the south plaza then running back to the safe house. OTR is a better made version of this game. Many people complained abut this so It has checkpoints from the last place that you entered like from the Royal Flush to the silver strip. You would reload your checkpoint and be on the silver strip. This would have helped you. Sorry for your bad luck.