Can you buy the fight stick separately? Or could you use a 3rd party one?



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In the product catalog that comes with the game it shows you can get it from the company that makes it, but when you go to the website ist not on the site yet.  Should be like other fighting games though and you could use other fight sticks for it, just assign what buttons you want to do what with.

i wanted the fight stick, but it was a pricy bundle. but its funny, i dont seem to be having as many "problems" with the controls on the xbox controller as i did with mk9 or MVC3.imnot one of those guys who is a die hard fighting game and study frames, and use cancels, zoning, and all that stuff, so it may be different but i can pull off almost all the moves when i want to on the first attempt. the stick is pretty badda$$ though

Im like you Potatoeslave, I always want a fight stick but I do like my controller, and this so far is one fighting game im able to pull off everything with my controller.  It is a pricy bundle but I will give them credit because alot of other fight sticks with that layout it has are 150 by themselves with no game included, and then the cheaper sticks are like 100.  Either way though for now I think im stickin to my 360 controller.

I looked on the website and nothing is up to buy it. I will check back. I hope it won't cost $100 thats a lot for a damn controller. Otherwise I may go with the 3rd party madcatz one I found for $50

It probly will be 100, considering that the Battle Edition of Injustice was 150... but you never know...