Fighting Game of the Year Albeit Horrible bad will towards fans

Its a shoe in with lack of any real competition and a great reboot at that but i wish that some legitimate press site would take some notice of the Plagued online experience. There are times i simply cant play online because of desync and lag. No one will bring this to the surface but us fans and we will quickly be dismissed as nerdfanboyrage. But there is something to be said about the continued issues that dont go away. What next Netherealm? what kind of bug u got cooking. I love MK


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Yeah I didn't noticed how much delayed online was until a few days ago. I never really play online but my boy invited me to match with him (him kicked my butt by the way) but yeah just a bit laggy and very very much delayed, it was really weird. Then we started having a lot of desyncs with the 1vs1 and also KoTH. I love the game for offline anyway so online suckin is no big deal for me though but I heard it's better than what it was.

Fighting game of the year? No competition? Really? As much as Ive loved MK over the years, this game doesnt hold a candle to MVC 3.

MVC3 is every 12 year old boys wet dream, its tacky, its poo, its cheap, its just soooooo lame.

But with the fan base SF has it may win it this year with the AE release :(