Fighting game idea now that Twisted Pixel is part of MS

It's no secret I wonder why no one even tries to do remotely something like Super Smash Bros. Its like Nintendo has some sort of patent for it. A couple of games have tried a mini mode but they're really shallow.

Now Twisted Pixel (maker of Splosion Man) is in Microsofts garage and that boosts my hopes again. Splosion Man has amazing physics, cameras and level concepts for a fighting game. Microsoft doesn't own that many popular characters but there's enough atleast for a small Arcade game.

My example character list:
1. Splosion Man
2. Ms. Splosion Man
3. Comic Jumper
4. Frank & The Maw
5. Master Chief
6. Arbiter
7. Cortana
8. Hunter from Halo
9. Joanna Dark from Perfect Dark
10. Banjo & Kazooie
11. Kameo
12. Conker
13. Agent from Crackdown
14. Mech from Mechassault
15. Driver from Forza Motorsport
16. Seth Balmora from Lost Odyssey
17. Blinx from Blinx the Time Sweeper
18. Ninja Fu Hiya from Kung Fu Chaos
19. Hawk from Brute Force
20. The fox from Viva Pinata

In addition:
21. Fable Hero (Male/Female options) using Sword, Crossbow and 3-4 good spells
22. Fable Neutral (Male/Female options) using Hammer, Pistol and 3-4 neutral spells
23. Fable Evil (Male/Female options) using Axe, Blunderbuss and 3-4 evil spells
24. Xbox Avatar
These are based on a list on wikipedia so I don't really know what's the deal with Alan Wake, Gears members and such so I left them out.

Level theme ideas:
The characters above could hold some neat levels like High Charity, Pacific City, Splosion Man Lab and Banjo&Kazooie Home valley, but here are some that don't have character tie in:
+ Crimson Skies - Canyons
+ Toy Soldiers - Toybox
+ Age of Empires - World at war
+ Bloodwake - Lagoon
+ Fuzion Frenzy - Arena (Rounds: Sumo balls, frozen ground, whirlpool etc)
+ Rallisport Challenge - Rally track
+ Sudeki - City of Light/Shadow

And to be perfect it would require lots of extras and collectibles.


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I had a similar idea, but most of those characters aren't popular enough to be in there. I could see Twisted Pixel making a game like that with their characters and the other Microsoft mascots making cameo appearances. Imagine an unlockable costume for Ms 'Splosion Man that makes her glow blue like Cortana, an unlockable Master Chief action figure as a character, or a Forza Motorsport themed arena. I do like your Fuzion Frenzy arena and Xbox Avatar ideas, though.

You're right. But this could be a chance to bring some of those forgotten or never popular properties back to people's attention. Maybe some series could make a comeback. Alternatively the game could just have 8-10 characters to make it a nice small XBLA game

How about a Killer Instinct Character since MS owns Rare?    Fulgore or Sabrewulf.

It a good start. But I think some of thoese onl your list will be replace by more popluer MS characters in a heart beat. But you will never know. They will might put them in. And they will most like have add-on characters for everyone to like too.

One more thing. You forgot the gunstringer