fighters on the xbox getting the shortend of the stick

okay recently it has come to my attention that fighters on the xbox are getting the shaft with the recent news of cole mcgrath intro to street x tekken( ) and i know cole in street x tekken sounds stupid but regardless its a exclsuive character only for the ps3 while the xbox version get none of its own.this is not only unfair for the fans to these games but unfair to those who just rcenlty decided to try out fighters when the own only one cosnole for any reason.


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I think Cole is only the PS Vita version. Can't recall but I've only seen screen of him there and not the PS3. Yes, it is mildly irritating, but one character isn't enough to throw the balance. Especially since they're banned at tourneys and usually a pretty bland character to use anyway.

I'm with ya Phantom, it's not that we NEED a special character but it really wouldn't hurt one bit. Xbox hasn't had anything good in awhile I don't think, especially in fighters. And the Season Pass is a joke, doesn't really count. But oh well.

It's a business standpoint. They need to get more sales on PS3. I know there's more to it, but that's the gist.

Yeah I know Playstation is paying for the exclusives they get, it's about money & sales but sheesh lol. I still wish Microsoft would dish out some money for us when it comes to fighting games.

Well, with all the PSN problems lately Sony needs to "bribe" the players that they lost during that fiasco to come back or to stay with them.