Fighters Guild glitch, no more contracts?

Ok so im playing the fighters guild but ive gotten to a point where there are no more missions for some strange reason

I have not finished the guild or been kicked out, but every time i go to Cheydinhal or Anvil or Chorrol there always tell me to go see one of the others for a mission, no one can advance me and even the dark elf who got kicked out has nothing new for me either


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What was the last quest you completed in the Fighters guild?

Mystery at Harlun's Watch

ive done everything in the quest but for some reason i havnt been able to get any contracts after this from anyone in the Guils

That's weird.

Is the Harlun watch quest actually showing as completed in the journal?

I know there was a bug with that quest that prevented advancement but I though it was fixed in the patch.

The Fighters Guild Was glitched for me also. It's the only thing that stopped me from getting 1000/1000.