So we are playing clubs and we come against a team that feature a player well in excess of 12ft. Don't know whether it was a one off or a glitch but I was just wandering if anybody else had ever come across a player on the opposition that was twice the size of anybody else.



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Yup,, It's happening alot recently.  When you find a club game just remember to look at their overall VP rating.

It's not a glitch.

Just lowlifes modding their VP profile.

As mentioned above, you need to look out for their VP ratings in the lobby.  I always get suspicious when they ready up straight away, as they think that hides their rating.  Apparently, there's a new method whereby they can disguise their modded pro as a goalkeeper now.  It just gets worse :-(

Mate people are telling you to look out for modded pro's, this is right but what you are looking for are VP's that are rated 127 when you are in the ready up screen before the game :D

Fifa need to sort out Virtual Pro's and your progress downloaded which will help stop the files getting hacked!  

It seems that it is every other lobby for club games.  I don't see these people playing too many games as most just back out.