fifa fut scammers +pro club hackers,when will it stop?(will it ever?)

ive been a gamer since cod 4,i love fifa its the best game ever(mw3 is gathering dust) whenever i play pro ranked matches i get loads of messages every day trying to scam fut players coins ect.why cant this be stopped?i spend loads of my time filing complaints but do they do anything?do they get read?i dont belive they do.would it be so difficult to ban these people(theres thousands of em) with a patch/update?surely with the millions they make and the technology available it would be seems like my loyalty to fifa dont mean squat.oh and how about the pro club hackers thats really annoying.

any ideas or info about how or when tis could be stopped would be appreciated as im losing faith at the moment and i thought id try the forum for help.

thanks Nigel 


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The hacked VPs in pro clubs probably won't stop on FIFA 12, EA don't seem to acknowledge that they exist. That's why I don't play Pro Clubs anymore.

UT scammers have been around for a while now, EA have tried to counteract against these by increasing the security on Ultimate Team online, and making people more aware of them. Best thing to do is to keep reporting them like I do, they will get their dues sooner or later hopefully!

"I've been a gamer since cod4".

Says Everything...