Fifa 15 not responding..

Hello everyone,

I've had Fifa 15 since the release date and now all of a sudden the game doesn't want to work (the game was purchased via online through XBL store). At some points it would load all the way through to where it says I connect to the EA Servers but would freeze as soon that was done. I've tried installing and re-installing the game numerous times it just shows the app but will not let me play the game, and also resetting my XB1, resetting my router/modem just in case it was a online issue but that hasn't helped either. If anyone can help a brother out that would be appreciated, thank you. 



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Note: I've also noticed it doesn't show the game cover art instead it is left in a blank space and the title of the game is replaced with "ms-resource:AppName" not quite sure what that means.

I just bought this game on XBL and I am told that the game can't download, this is after the download reaches 100%. If anyone has a solution to this issue please advise. Thank you.