FIFA 14 Slow connection and persistent issues



I'm been experiencing problems on FIFA 14 since purchasing the Xbox One on it's release date. Initially, my problem was that I was constantly disconnected from my online matches on FUT. I would be playing a match without any connection issues i.e. slowness/lagging and all of sudden, I would be disconnected from the EA servers and I'd be taken back to the start screen on FIFA 14. After changing all sorts of settings on my Virgin Media superhub 2, I had no luck in solving this issue. I scoured the forums to realise that other people had experienced the same issues and a solution was to purchase a seperate wireless router.


I have now purchased a wireless router. However, this only led to another issue to arise. Curiously, the first game I played was perfect. No connection issues and I remained logged into the EA servers for the entire game. I then went to play a 2nd game and from the start of the game, the connection was awful. The lagging was unplayable - To the point, one pass to another player would take 15 seconds to complete due to the game loading.

Therefore, I scoured the forums and help pages to amend settings on the new router.


I've tried the following with no improvement:


  • Open all recommended ports
  • Put Xbox One in DMZ on the router
  • Updated the security on the router to recommended settings


The router I am using is Western Digital N900.


I've tested multiplayer connection on the Xbox One and it says everything is fine.

I've done a statistics test and I get 58 mbps download speed and 3 mbps upload speed which I think is fine for playing online as far as I am aware.

I've now tried setting up my Xbox 360 and played an ultimate team game on Fifa 13 with the new router. It worked perfectly.

Therefore, this narrows the problem down to either FIFA 14 or my Xbox One. 

My Xbox One seems to work fine with Forza online which can only point in the direction of FIFA 14 and the connection to the EA servers.

I am open to suggestions on how to get this working. I only bought the Xbox One for playing FIFA 14 really and I can't play it at all so it's become a waste of money at the minute...


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