Fifa 14 always needs me to reset the Xbox before i can play.

So this only started happening about a week ago.. Everytime i turn off my xbox and come back on another day or later on. The game freezes up and requires me to Reset the xbox one ( Holding the power button for 10seconds ) Then i can get in and play.

I heard that this is due to turning off the console while the game is still running, I heard a quick fix is to be on the main menu before turning off the console.. So i do that, but as of current, it continues to freeze and require a reset.

This is starting to get really annoying, And as this is something i CAN live with, I'd really rather not have to restart my Xbox every time i want to play FIFA 14.

If anyone has the same problem, Post it here. If anyone has any quick fixes, I'd love to know them.

Cheers in advance.


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I have a similar problem that every time i load fifa it crashes back to dashboard and then crashes my XB1 to the point i can no longer play the game.

I have the same problem.

Can someone help us ?