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I was directed here by one of the online agents named Malu. He suggested that i post the problem in this forum.

Many of you are (like me) still experiencing FIFA 13 issues that ultimately freezes the console meaning we have to power the Xbox off/on again...time after time after time. Malu could not give me a definitive answer on whether or not this would cause any long term damage to the console but there is some information in the consoles paperwork that it could be detrimental to the console. It would also appear that if this continual rebooting of the console causes it to fail it is we the gamer, not EA's fault for selling us a poorly tested game. I was instructed to ask the enforcement team to take action, hence why i am here. Malu has said that our conversation was recorded for reference.

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I find the more Microsoft add to the dashboard causes me more problems I get lot of my freezes whilst scrolling thru the dashboard.

As for damage to your Xbox I would doubt it, my PC/laptop have crashed far more many times than my Xbox and I not worried about my PC/laptop having any lasting damage.  At the end of the day its an electrical item and the longevity of its pure luck, I still have my first Xbox 5 years later.

Out of curiousity, take action....against whom?  You've played a very large handful of EA's Sports game, you should be well aware of the freezing issues that every one of their games tend to cause.  It's become a running joke.  You really should post, which I'm sure there are dozens already, on the EA forums.  Ask them to fix this on-going issue.


As for the actual xbox itself.  I'm no electronics expert, but anytime you have to turn off and turn back on a piece of equipment multiple times, it adds "wear & tear" and shortens it's lifespan.

you cannot sue game makers as legally you do not own the game you play you are renting the rights to play it so they cannot be held responsible for content, its how they get away with releasing games unfinished and then do patches and do not get fined.

as for powering down and up of xbox, yep it can damage the hard drive, luckily there is no operating system stored on it as its updated every time you go onto live so apart from running slower if you save games to hard drive you shouldnt notice it

I know someone who tested the game and he had to do a report and discuss good points / bad points and he told me that he brought up the fact that the game freezes on career mode and he said that ea told him that thats something there looking into and could possibly come as a update to fix the bugs .