FIFA 12 Wish List

1. Remove the "ANY" position. 

2.  Fix the laggy servers. 


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3. Change the lobby limit in pro ranked matches to 1minute

4. Anyone that doesn't pick a team within 10 seconds of entering gets booted.

5. That everyone and their mother won't play as Barca = They will be downgraded slightly. As shown by recently, they can get thrashed 4-1 by Chivas.

6. Make more skill involved so you can do trick moves without some rookie just plain running into you to steal the ball.

7.  Make a physics engine so we can get rid of the pre-prgrammed movements and collisions (I believe this has been confirmed)

8.  Include players who are not on the teams programmed into the game, for instance, Andriy Shevchenko.

9. Make VP seasons more realistic i shouldn't be able to start my game playing for Barcelona's first team. Bring Internationals back .

10. More cut-scenes maybe show the coach once in a while like they did on world cup, a wider variety of cut-scenes for substitutions. I'm just tired of seen the same cut-scenes every game and its not like they have changed much from the previous games.

What i would love to see in clubs, you have a what's your player worth. It be just like VP pro rating but instead of having to be friends with a player to bring them to a club you can buy them into your club. This will allow for you to play their VP pro player as cpu alongside you if they are not online. So for example if you have good be a pro players on your team it should be better than have just standard cpu players as they will play as if they was online. This is good for people who want to play games but havent got the time to have everyone in a game all at the same time. They can still play as there player when they come online too. It would also make it easier for people to keep people in your club and get hold of new players. You could set contacts to so they have to play a number of games before they can leave club too or you could have option just let them go if they started playing rubbish.  

I second getting rid of the ANY positon! But also don't bring out Ultimate team until December or something , so more people play the other modes before jumping straight on to FUT.