Fifa 12 League

Sick of people disconnecting during matches?  You might be interested in a friendly Fifa 12 League then.  If you are let me know and ill send you the details to join our league of 8 team divisions.


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Hi mate I'm part of a fantastic Fifa site it has an amazing and simple reporting system! It makes everything so easy for the player.

Launched in May 2010, you are currently looking at the 5th Version of in the space of 18 months.

By this, I'm sure you can understand that we are constantly striving to improve the usability and functionality of the website for the good of you, the members.

We aim to provide competitive, yet friendly, competition for FIFA!

After a few minutes browsing the user interface, it should be clear that we have designed a simple, yet indepth, system that allows full user manipulation when entering and accepting competition results!

You should sign up now and get some ranked games played and try out the reporting system and then get yourself a place in the leagues and upcoming tournaments!

thanks for the offer mate, but we have been running leagues since the good oul days of pro evo 6 so we're happy enough to do our own thing.  We've a very simple system using forums which most people lilke and are used to.  Been part of bigger communities but have more fun with our own smaller leagues.