Fifa 12 Error (Can't Play The Game)

When I attempt to play Fifa 12 on a console that is not connected to Xbox Live, I get the message (after installing the update on the disk):


Can't install the update. The disk is unreadable.

1. Clean the disk with a soft cloth
2. Restart the console

Status Code: 3151 - 351f - 1800 - 2203 - c000 - 0001


Can anyone help? I'm playing on Xbox 360, and the game is brand new (bought today). The game also works on a console that is connected to the Internet, and other games work perfectly on the console not connected. I've been through all the channels on Xbox Support, but am still stuck with this. Thanks in advance!


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Your disc drive could be on it's way out, I think I had this several weeks before my first red ring of death. Could try contacting customer support, as the status code will let them know exactly what the problem is, and the best ways of fixing it. Either that or google the status code, some people may have had the same issue before and found ways to sort it.