Fifa 12 career mode is BROKE

I played fifa 12 most of yesterday on career mode as a player/manager, i brought some decent players and was enjoying playing, when i turned on my xbox today it said the hospitality settings on my xbox dont match the server setting, so i then clkicked yes to apply server settings, now when i go back to manager mode my formations settings have not saved where has yesterday they were there and best of all half my team is missing (doing a tevez i expect) most of my first team is empty slots, and when i scroll down it crashes at the same place about 5 times. Not sure what i can do now looks like its broke and i will need to get pro evo 2012 after all. I have 4 different saves at different stages of my career mode and all of them are doing the same, great job EA.


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Never heard of patients then, don't fiddle with hospitality settings either

i did not mess with the hospitality settings, i got a message when i went to start the game saying my xbox hospitality settings dont match the server settings ( something to do with my custom tatics) then it asks if i want to click YES to use the sever settings or NO to use my xbox settings, the first time this happened to me i clicked YES to use the sever settings, which resulted in half my team in career mode dissapering i could go to next match and play a game with only 6 players (wtf) but could not change any of my players has it would crash the game. I had to start my career over,  Anyway my point is this could happen to anyone, if has happened 3 times since i have started my new career asking me to sync my hospitality settings with the sever, now i click NO and its fine.

This will be fixed in the upcoming patch, EA have released a statement saying they are aware of this problem, and that until the issue is fixed, don't use custom formations to avoid any problems like this

I turned of hospitality settings, as it kept changing my long balls to manual, I use semi, so it didnt really affect passes as such but a soon as i crossed a ball i lashed it in to the Kop. Not good.

Had something similar happen to me. All my custom formations are now gone! It was fine when I played the day before, but now it's all gone. Any idea how to get it back?