FIFA 11 Wierd Achievement Glitch


to start I don't know if this is the correct forum to be posting this but I didn't find anywhere else to post so, if this is not the correct place please tell where it is and I will post there.


The reason to why I'm posting this is due to a very wierd glitch in my achievement list in FIFA 11:

The achievement "Hundred and Counting" is supposed to unlock when we play 100 rnaked games over xbox live... now look at this video in my youtube channel and you will understand why this is a major glitch and I don't know how this will be corrected:

As you can see in the first part of the video, in the my player hub I have 158 ranked matches played and 103 wins

The achievement is for playing 100 ranked games, you don't have to win, just play, but I've waited till I won more than 100 to see if this got corrected but nothing...

As you can see next in the overview of the game it says I have 44 of 46 achievements unlocked for 800GS... 

Now the weird part, when I enter the Fifa 11 achievement details it says I have 45 of 46 and the "hundred and counting" is there at the bottom but the 100GS hasn't been credited...

This video was recorded in December of 2010, now I have 210 games played, 139 wins - 49 Losses - 22 Draws and still have the same problem... this is the only achievement I have left to get the full 1000G on the game and in a page it says I have all the achievements and the full 1000G, but in the overview it says I have 900G and 45 out of 46 achievements unlocked!!

Has anyone else had this problem? What can I do to fix this?? Is this fixable by support center of Microsoft?


Thanks for the help



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