FIFA 11 / FIFA 12 Online access farce

Does anybody know if EA intend to fix the idiiotic, ridiculous restrictions regarding online access for FIFA 12?


I bought FIFA 11 a while back for my 9 year old boy so he could play it online against his friends from school.

The game had a large PEGI 3 rating on the box so I assumed (what with it being football . . the same football he watches on TV or plays with his friends in the schoolyard) that he would be able to play it with his friends and download squad updates etc. without any trouble.


Not only does it not allow him to play online at all with his Gamertag (even though I have a Gold Family account), he can't even download bloody squad updates.

He's a Chelsea fan (no, I don't understand it either) but can't even get the update to get Torres into his squad.

I find this mind-bogglingly disgusting stupidity. Do EA actually play their own games before they churn them out?

Do they actually spend more than 10 minutes in any of their design meetings?


One of his friends (also 9) can get access to these things, because his parents set his age at 21.

I find this to be a ridiculous measure to have to take just to let him play A BLOODY FOOTBALL GAME.

It's not a snuff movie, it's not porn. I don't want him to have to do the computer equivalent of getting fake ID to play it. IT'S JUST FOOTBALL.


Rant over for now. Can anyone tell me if EA plan to fix this turgid drivel for FIFA 12?

At least if I know they plan the same stupid course of action this year I can spend my money on something else for him.


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