FIFA 11 & FIFA 12 Clubs Comparison!

I was just wondering if anyone that owns the full game of FIFA 12 could do a comparison of online clubs against the FIFA 11 version.

I understand that the main prospect of the game is the same and probably works the same.

My main query is the button lag issue they had will FIFA 11. In FIFA 11, there were quite a few games where one or all of my club team mates found themselves with button lag. Its really frustrating, especially for the ANY for whom will find it almost impossible to play. We didn't lose many games through lack of skill but mainly because we were forced to quit because some games were unplayable.

I hope EA have resolved this issue as I believe that FIFA Clubs is one of the best and most fun parts of the game.


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I have played about six online clubs matches and my club mates or me have not had a delay issue.

I also have not experienced a delay in pro ranked matches.


EDIT: Oh yea, when you are in the pre game lobby for a match. You can't see their average and match rating.

I've also played about 6 clubs matches and neither I nor any club teammates have experienced delay.  Here's hoping that the issue has been fixed, although with a small sample like that I'm not overly optimistic.