Fifa 11 Achievement Good Form

Recently i have been trying to get as many achievements as possible for the game FIFA 11.

Currently I only need to complete 4 more achievements.

I've been trying to get the achievement good form (Play 5 consecutive Head to Head Ranked Matches without losing).

I've won 5 consecutive head to heads ranked matches twice now, and I still didn't got the achievement.

Can someone tell me what i'm missing?

Btw: there are some matches where the oppenent gave up after 45 till 120 min.




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I can help some1 with tis achiv i also need help :)

we'll just play for like 80 minutes  for real then i will let you score/you let me score to win

such want to play fifa 11 online who challenges me, or any tournament invites me greetings mi gamertaj: VAKALOKO

if some one quits it doesnt count towards achievement have to play full game...

There is noting more annoying than someone leaving in the middle of a game.

And if it says complete, I won't be able to get it anyways. Everyone is leaving after like a 3 - 0. So should i play more rubbish to get it.... Talking about unsporting players...

i need the folklore achievement anyone know how to get it  ?

I'll help you get the achievement if you're interested. I won't quit on you. I too need this and other online achievements. Maybe we can help eachother? I'm in the east coast in the US.

Best regards.

i hate ppl that leaves, can someone send me a message or add me as friend so i can get it? ofc i will make sure you get it as well!