For the record i saw a few people posting about FFXIV and it coming to the PS3.The last word from SE was FFXIV was no longer in development for the PS3 so they could focus fixing the game on PC! SE has stated that FFXIV for the PS3 was pretty done  8 months ago,but the game has so many issues they completely stopped work on the PS3 version .As for FFXIV it's by the most beautiful game i ever played which is the problem only high end graphics cards or good PC can run it right or handle it so their is ZERO chance either  console hardware could handle it!SE was too ambitious graphically on top of the many flaws the game has.I played it up to around last march it's basically a dead game.My feeling is it's gonna get  either cancelled or  a complete revamp from top to bottom then add to the fact the the president on SE  said  they are working on another MMO makes me thinks its gonna get cancelled.


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its otw to ps3 in march 2013 from what ive heard.no 360 version is quite sad.

14 was crap,hopefuly the new stuff added for the ps3 launch will have its fun factor fixed.

all we asked for was more like ff11,with the removal of you dont need jobs like 11 had they seem to have listened.

theres now jobs like blm and whm and monk,when i hear therea rdm....ill be all over it like white on rice.

FFXIV as based on Crystal Tools like FFXIII, XIII-2, was multi-platform, planned for PC and PS3 (no Xbox 360 because of dispute with Microsoft over Xbox Live Gold).

What's changed in version 2.0 now that it no longer uses Crystal Tools?

As FFXIV is still Free to Play almost a year after it's release (and despite SE's 'working on making it better") it's hasn't improved at all and is a financial sinkhole for SE, hence why SE altered the payment option for FFXI (only Japanese players can still pay via direct debit, as well as ClickandBuy or the Prepaid gamer cards. Rest of the world has only Clickandbuy and the prepaid gamer cards, because SE hasn't been certified in most PAL territories for direct payment or such yet.) was to try and get back some of the revenue they put into XIV and haven't gotten any return for. Apparently SE are considering restoring direct payment via credit/debit card, but nothing else has been mentioned other than SE "Looking into it".

I feel the same way. Was looking to making a purchase on the PS3 for it but may wind up getting it on my laptop or crossing my fingers it comes to the next  XBOX system as a launch title.