FFXIII Treasure Hunter and Advanced Strategies, Cp and Money Earning, Items, Etc.

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1. When first arriving in Gran Pulse, majority of monsters will whoop you. Including the monsters you need to get past in order to progress the story. So first order in the agenda is levelling up so that you can handle these guys. But where do you go? Do you fight wolves on the plain? Nope.

Head for your story marker towards Mahabra Mines. This will be the primo spot for CP and on the way, you get upgrade mats that are pretty decent. When you first go in there, you will notice a fork in the road. The grind path is all the way up, turn left, all the way down to the end (do not go past to the door, just kill them and return to the entrance save point.

For maximum efficiency, use Lightning (Ravager or Commando) / Snow or Fang (Commando) / Hope (Synergist) and Paradigm 2 will have the same setup but with Hope as Ravager after he buffs Snow/Fang with Thunder enchant. The idea is that these monsters are all weak to Lightning. At this point, Lightning has the best Thunder magic and Hope can enchant Thunder so that those w/o good magic (Like Snow or Fang) can do really great damage without magic. This setup will allow you to grind almost effortlessly and with A LOT of CP (i'm talking 100,000+ 15-20mins) You will also be fighting Avalanche Bombs so be very careful, they are weak to fire so Ravager / Commando / Ravager and focus fire them immediately.

There is this group, of combined machine monsters and bomb monsters so if you aren't able to take out the group in time, then next time setup Sentinel x3, wait until they blow up, then proceed to kill the machine monsters.

2. Making cash

The best spot to make early cash is available when you hit Chapter 11. It is Mission #7 so you don't actually have to do a lot of missions until you get it, and he drops 2 items required to get one of the best farming items in the game. However for now, just focus on making money. Here is the mission I am talking about


He drops 2 items. Tetra Tiara and Tetra Crown. Both are worth 15 and 40,000 respectively. They are very rare drops and it sounds crazy, but sell them off along with the guaranteed item (in excess of 99) it only takes 20 battles to accumulate 99 of the guaranteed item. The best and most fastest way to kill this guy is with the following setup:

Lightning (Synergist) / Snow or Fang (Sentinel) / Vanille (Saboteur)
Lightning (Ravager) / Snow/Fang (Commando) / Vanille (Ravager)

once the 3 debuffs are on him (-neg phys/mag and elemental vulnerablity) switch to Paradigm 2 for maximum DPS and he should be toast after that.

When you either get to Chapter 13, or beat the game, then the cash areas will change as better spots open up. The next stop is Mission #24. Mission 24 monster is ridiclously easy (All commando optima is the best) and the mission marker is right next to it, so it makes for very easy grinding. The item it drops is worth 6000 bucks guaranteed, you will also get 6000CP per battle. In about an hour of battles, you can get 99 of these items which will make the grand total 594,000 gil. This area is a dungeon for the story (as well as the mission, it's required as well) so you'll eventually run into it. This also means you need to advance the story to get there.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2grWo28qm0Q" target="_blank">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2grWo28qm0Q
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2grWo28qm0Q" target="_blank">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2grWo28qm0Q

Next grind spot is Ophan's Cradle and Eden. The very beginning of Ophan's Cradle will have 2 groups of monsters called Sacrifice. They drop 2 different items. Hihirokane (item name may differ but it's a crystal) it sells for 7000 each while the other drop is a Perfume, which sells for 12,600. What you do is grind these two groups, go to the beginning teleport back to Eden, grind all the way back to the last group of Sacrifice, then go back to the beginning of Ophan's Cradle with the respawned 2 groups. These guys are really easy to kill, just go Com / Rav / Sab the whole time, the debuffs are the key here. You may even want to switch to Vanille as leader to manually apply Debuffs.

Finally Adamantaimai once you can reliably farm these guys, you can make 300-600,000 an hour. You will need the Good Choice (not Best Choice) accessory so that it drops mostly Platinum Ingots which sell for 150,000 gil.

When can I start killing Adamantaimai relatively fast, I have all 3 Major Roles at LV5 ?

Vanille (Leader, Jammer) + Fang (Jammer) + Hope (Enhancer)

Vanille should have learned Death and equipped Dash Shoes (Auto Haste) and Flash Scarf (ATB full at the beginning). TP should be 3 or above. To increase the chance of success, equip Vanille with Marlboro Staff (tier 2 weapon that improves chance of weakening spells).

1) Enter the battle
2) Use summon immediately
3) Adamantaimai will fall down due to your summon, this will last for a couple minutes and it will not attack
4) While your summon is attacking, keep casting Death
5) When the summon left, Fang and Hope will come back. Let them buff and debuff
6) At the highest amount of debuffs (around 6 types), Death has a success rate of about 7%. Keep casting Death
7) If Adamntaimai stands up, press start and restart

Usually one out of two to four attempts, you can kill it.

3. Best CP in the game

I like the lvl 24 mission it gets you 6k (12k with growth Egg) and 6k Gil every fight. The way i see it your gonna get max lvl and still need tons of cash so do it all at once.

4. Recommended Items to Acquire

For the best farming and in general, all battles, there are three items you need to get first. First item are the Sprint Shoes. As mentioned before, Mission #7 monster drops the required items to get this item. So why is this so good? It's Auto-Haste nuff said.

Sprint Shoes (Auto Haste)

  1. Fast forward to chapter11
  2. You accept mission 7,until he drops a Tetra Tiara or a Tetra Crown
  3. You upgrade the Tetra Tiara or a Tetra Crown * (Just get the star next to it dont Upgrade to Tiara)
  4. If you dismantle the Tetra Crown , You will create a Hermes’s Shoes. (Save Before Just Incase)
  5. Upgrade the Hermes’s Shoes into Sprint Shoes. (Peroviskite (30,000gil)

Aurora Scarf (Full Atk Bar at Start of Fight)

Second item on the list are Aurora Scarf. This is a lot easier to obtain since you can buy the W Scarf in the shop, then master it and add the rhodochrosite crystal to transform it into the Aurora Scarf. What this item does is give you a Full ATB bar at the start of battle. As you noticed, with Auto-haste, and Full ATB bar, you can launch your attacks before the enemy does, making each battle extremely fast.

Growth Egg (2xCP)

Third Item on the list is the Growth Egg. It's obtained from Mission #55, the stone can be activated as long as you completed a certain amount of misisons so you can skip right to this and get it (which is what I did) here is the video, you will be fighting Neo-Ochu

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5IJnMyPFKcs" target="_blank">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5IJnMyPFKcs
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5IJnMyPFKcs" target="_blank">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5IJnMyPFKcs

At your character power level, you won't be able to beat it, so you will rely on luck to complete this mission.

The setup should be a Marlboro Wand for Vanille (and Vanille as Leader and Saboteur role) the wand itself will make it to where Saboteur magic is increased in effectiveness. You also need Vanille's Death Spell. Setup 1 Sentinel to draw attacks away from Vanille and just spam Death until it dies. You may or may not get it on your first try but just keep going. The Growth Egg is too valuable for maxing out your characters so don't stop until you get it.

Collector & Connoisseur Catalogs (Increase drop rates of common and rare Items)

The Collector Catalog (Common Item Increase) can be #1 found in a chest (Forgot Where) #2 Is a gift for fixing the Robot in vanilles house #3 Buy it for 100k (Dont do it lol)

Then upgrade one of them to the Connosseurs Catalog (Rare Item Increase)

5. Upgrading all Items Tips

Dismantling Bonus: Trapezohedron Multiplication
Quoted word for word from the CE Strategy Guide:
You need at least six Trapezohedrons to make just one ultimate weapon for each character, and would somehow fathom raising 12,000,000 Gil to buy them. But there is a trick through dismantling if you already own one Trapezohedron. Create one of the following weapons:

  • Kain's Lance (made from Dragoon Lance, Shamanic Spear, Punisher, Pandoran Spear or Gae Bolg)
  • Nirvana (made from Tigerclaw, Healer's Staff, Belladonna Wand or Mitstilteinn)

Upgrade either Kain's Lance or Nirvana to maximum level (at a cost of approximately 1,500,000 Gil), and then dismantle it. You'll obtain three Trapezohedrons, tripling your initial investment, and for rather less than the 4,000,000 Gil you'd have paid in a shop. You'll even get a present of 36 Moonblossom Seeds at the same time, worth 216,000 Gil.

3X Multipler Before You Use the Good Stuff

First you want to use 36 sturdy Bones (8k for 99) or whatever on the weapon to get the 3X Exp Bonus

Then you can use say a stack of 99 Turbo Jets or whatever other high value item and get the 3x on all 99.

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Also, here are two maps for the Chocobo Treasures:

- http://www.gamefaqs.com/ps3/928790-final-fantasy-xiii/faqs/58966


- http://wikicheats.gametrailers.com/images/thumb/a/a3/FFXIII_Archylte_Steppe_Treasure_Map.jpg/960px-FFXIII_Archylte_Steppe_Treasure_Map.jpg




And here's a GREAT Guide for the Treasure Hunter Achievement: http://www.gamefaqs.com/xbox360/950899-final-fantasy-xiii/faqs/59331


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Honestly, I recommend Mission 24 for both CP and Gil. It can be done relatively fast and you are guaranteed something you can sell for 6,000 Gil. But if someone would want CP and Gil and they don't want that method then I would recommend Mission 7 for the reasons mentioned in the post. I haven't really found farming for Gil to be that rewarding with the Adamantoise's and the rest of those types of monsters. While you may get a Platinum Ingot or a Traphezodron, the chances of it are very slim. You also have to wait a fairly long time in your Crystarium to even have a chance of taking it down without a summon. Which if you rely on summoning then you have to take time to gather TP then go hope that you get a Platinum Ingot or a Traphezodron.

I can understand why someone would start farming them but in my opinion it is far better with your time to do Mission 7 or Mission 24. However, that is only if you are to the point of no return in Chapter 13 where you can't force the Sacrifices to spawn without saving and quitting or using the teleporter.

This is fantastic! Thanks for all the work.

You're welcome, if you need anything else let me know. I know my way around this game =P (And recently, started a new playthrough just to get the Treasure Hunter achievement).

Thanks buddy. I was wondering about the best grinding method.