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Does placing in the top three in FFA count as a win?  I'm pretty sure it must, but i never remember to check.  Anyone know for sure?


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 I believe the way it works (at least it has in the past ) is that once you come in first place, any following 1st, 2nd, or 3rd count as a win.

  Come in 4th or lower and 2nd and 3rd do not count as a win until you come in first again.

wondered how I had a 28 win streak. I knew I won about 20 FFA in a row but not that many. It couldn't of been Domination as I quit every other game due to host disadvantage.

how the hell can they class coming 2nd or 3rd as a win lol..what crazy moron dreamt up that one.

 There are 6 winners in every team type game, even if some of them  do nothing to help with the actual win.

 Its no less fair for the top players in ffa to get some kind of credit. And as I said you have to come in first once for them to count at all, and if you get 4th or worse its back to 2nd and 3rd counting as a loss.

  If you think thats bad though ......... In mw2 I had a rediculously exaggerated winstreak in ffa due to the way they counted there. All one had to do is play nothing but ffa and every win counted toward your streak. Play another mode and lose and that was the only way your streak was broken. ..... of course it was the same rules... Take first and 2nd and 3rd counted also.

It used be that way the top 3 don't know now though they keep changing stuff.

i got a 168 winstreak for FFa but don't get me wrong, i wasn't 1st place in all,  2nd and 3rd don't count as a win nor loss, check it out yourself. look @ your wins before playing then you'll see.

^^^  Heck .. I cant seem to get a first place often enough to tell how it works.

   I get plenty of 2nd and 3rd, but not following a 1st.

  The only streak I've had was 3 1st in a row without a top 3 place to follow it.