ffa spawn kills

i mostly play tdm now because i find it most skilled. however i put alot of time into ffa at the start of the game and found some crazy types of ways to kill people fast after they spawn, ***? maybe...but the stuff they say makes it worth wild if your looking for something different to do in cod



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Imo this is the way for a sure win in FFA.

I stay away from FFA because of how many times I spawned inside of someone.

  Yeah that gets annoying .......... you spawn and suddenly feel like someone is slapping you around, but there is noone in sight ....... when suddenly this guy pops out of you.         It makes me feel violated.

LOl i had this squeaker spawn killing ppl on FFA dome i won by two kills & i was running around the whole time..after the match he sent me a message raging about learn how to play the game noob you *** camper LOl mean while he was spawn killing haha