FFA FRIDAYS idea (be open-minded)

Alright, so I thought of a way the Black Ops community could play together for fun and forum recognition. Well first thing's first, I'll type down the gametype.

-x4 score (6000) OR x2 (3000) (have not decided yet)
-Unlimited time
-no killstreaks
-map changes every week

This is fun right here. Every week we will play on a different map and they will only be the default game maps.

The next day (Saturday) or whenever I can, I will post the scores and stats of the game for all players in a NEW THREAD. And give shout-outs to the top 3 winners and I bolded new thread because everyone reading the post will recognize who was good and who wasn't. If people really want a prize, recognition is there.

Keep in mind I am on Eastern Standard Time, so adjust if needed. I do not have a specific time for each Friday and there will only be an event on the Friday if I make a thread for it.

Here is the plan step by step:

1. Sometime in the week post a thread about the FFA FRIDAY game, the time, and the map.
2. Check who is coming through XBL messaging.
3. Do match.
4. Next day (or whenever) post everyone's (named both by gamertag and gamebattles accounts) score, kills, deaths, and assists.
5. Restart process next week I am available. 

The first nine messages I get will be the ones in the match. (TEN PEOPLE IS THE LIMIT).

Tell me if you like the idea and message me on Xbox LIVE or post below!

Nicky G


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Pay for my XBL and I'll do it even though I do despise FFA.

If Lady Eh is there-- I shall be there, too.