FF achvz

looking for a group to finish off the ff matches..its all i have left. mostly on at night..


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I see how you found me now ...

Anyway as I said in the message I'll help but I'm part of a bigger team of players who help with the vidmasters and Firefight achievements.

You should check out the “Do YOU need a Vidmaster!” thread on the Halo 3 Forums, we have a team of players who help people with the Vidmasters, the 200k Firefight achievements on ODST and also any general achievements you may need but if you want to help yourself to a player or two you're more than welcome.. Here’s a link to the thread: http://forums.xbox.com/xbox_forums/xbox_360_games/e_k/halo3/f/407/p/8341/54831.aspx#54831

Xbox Forums you did it again, even when I put extra spaces between the paragraphs it still clumps them together, no matter as long as you can read it. Stupid machine ...