few questions I need help with.

First, what exactly do I need to do to get 100%? Do I need to do every side job like the Stanleys' postal service etc?

Also, If I go to disc 2 which I'm not at yet, will I be able to get to Wellspring and find all the jumps etc when I go to disc 2 and 3? Thanks. I don't want to go to disc 2 and 3 until I know I have everything done on disc 1 first.



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you can return to disc 1 so no worries there,see the guy at the back of the garage basement on disc 2,without spoiling too much make sure you have everything done before blowing up the authority bridge on disc 2 as some stuff becomes unavailable after blowing it up,disc 3 is entirely independant of the other two so you can play that whenever suits you,it's all the multuplayer stuff

Cheers. I appreciate that.


You need to do all side jobs, collect all cards, complete all vehicle jumps, collect all schematics, win gold in all races and complete the main story missions

Also win all mini games