Few questions for sinpers - How is your KD?

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This is a question particularly for snipers. I am wondering if being a sniper slows down your overall action in the game. This is because as a sniper you have to lay low and work from a little distance. At least you have to stay away from the 'hot' areas where you are at disadvantage because of your 'one-shot' gun against a bullet sprinkler like MP7/9. Is your observation same as mine?

I play with MSR/Stability/Variable zoom scope. Always MP7 as my secondary with silencer on it. Putting silencer on MSR just removes its purpose - its OSK weapon and if you cant kill the guy in one shot you are dead. This leads to another problem - when you fire you make noise which means you always have to change your location. That again leads to the problem of being vulnerable during the time when you are running around with a limited capability weapon like MP7.

Overall, my observation is that I can achieve 80% KD ratio in normal gameplay. If I am lucky I kill 10 in 5. Also that depends on the team I am playing along with. If players from my team are strong enough, they act like a wall and I work from behind them. However if the opposition is strong - a bunch of super-fast sprinters with 'dead-silence' on them, it really becomes difficult to get hold of them in scope. Specially with variable zoom like scope you have limited area in vision. Couple of times they actually stomped me with 0 kills in something like 10 deaths.

Oh yes, about camping - I do camp (and I dont care what you think about it, please dont post comments saying I hate campers, this thread is not for that) but keep switching after almost every kill. Specially in maps like village/ : I usually chose the four corners of the map where I have a view of longer field. I dont quick-scope - is that something that I have to do to be better at getting kills with a sniper? I always keep wondering how people out there get kill ratio like 1.5%.

I have seen some quickscopers in action and they are really on rampage. They suddenly jump in front of you, make it look like they aimed and then bang! When I see the kill-cam I realize the guy was not even pointing 100% on me, he was somewhere around me, however this glitch did allow him to get away with a kill. I dont complain about it as to be honest I tried learning it but havent managed to grasp it yet. However I dont feel its truely in spirit of being a sniper but happy to learn it if it helps me improve.

Can experienced snipers throw some light on their experience so that beginners like me can learn?

Thanks in advance!


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