few achievment questions help please

Hi ive just got the game and really enjoying it :) but i need some help with a few Achievments ive tried  but seem to be lost.

 ( 1 ) Grease Monkey Create a car tuning file for your car.  

(2) Painter Create a paint job or vinyl group for your car.

(3) Show OFF Upload a movie to Forzamotosport.net

 (4) Entrepreneur Sell a car tuning paint job vinly group from your storefront.


For this first 3 questions  how do these please as ive looked all over in menu and my account and storefront etc  and cant see a options do this.Also i did look at other peoples vinyl etc and take some for free.Also if i try to upload a file it when i click on A button it says something like no file chossen or something like that i cant reamber of the top of my head as im not on my xbox just now.If any can please help me do reply here.Or please add my tag and talk through it.

Thank you.


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your on level one,not yet finished the first season and you are worrying about achievements?

i will never understand this,what happened to just playing the game?

couldn't agree more....

The guy wants help,why post if all you are going to do is troll?That TheOwenKiller is one thing i've never understood!


1.To paint your car go to cars and scroll down to paint car,choose a paint job for said car apply,save and ping cheevo unlocked.

2.For the tuner one go to cars,pick your car tune it,after that there should be the option to send it to your storefront,cheevo unlocked.

3.For the movie one you need to complete a race then watch the replay,amongst the options to change camera,car etc there should be an icon called movie maker.Make a movie then when you've finished the game will ask you if you wish to upload.Upload it,although this may take a while depending on the length of your movie.When its done the cheevo will unlock.

4.This last one is self explanatory,simply sell anything off your storefront that you've put there.This may take a while to get as there's alot of other store fronts to compete with,your best bet is to get a friend to buy assuming they have the game also.If not be patient you will get it in the end.

Hope this helped.

thats because we have every right to post an opinion on a public forum.

it looks like the guy has had the game for 20 minutes and is already looking for advice on how to get gamerscore.

asking how to get the sell a car tuning achievement,i mean come on!

just play the game!

In that case doesn't Attackedbullet have the right to ask for acheivement help in a public forum without gamers like you attacking him for something trivial? Some people like getting acheivements,myself included.Saying just play the game means nothing,you have to play games to get acheivements,obvious statement yes but it seems to have passed you by.

This isnt the first time ive seen theowenkiller write a stupid response, and he's always looking at other peoples acheevos, but hides his own, wtf is that, look at your gamerscore Owen, 32,000 plus, its seems that you care alot about acheevos, some people are morons

I know Curbside,i've seen plenty of his posts,mostly in the COD W@W forums.

thanks,please subcribe to my troll channel when you get a chance.

oo trust me im loving the game fun :) game play is great :)

im only asking u bunch of gurls lol :)

* Please try a lower page number.

* Please enter only numbers.

* Please try a lower page number.

* Please enter only numbers.