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I couldn't find much on the web on which Ferrari's are best suited for each class.  Through trial, error, a lot of credits and some hearbreak (458 Challenge makes me sad) I've been able to put together a solid garage of condenders.  I am making no claims that these are the best cars for each class, but IMO the best Ferraris for these classes.


In the spirit of community and helping other Ferrari fans I've thrown my tunes on my SF and include:


S700 458 Italia

R3799 #62 Risi Competizione F458 Italia

R2875 F50 GT

Once I finish the R2 events I'll work on an R1 and post the tune on SF as well.



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I'm currently using a variety of Ferrari's in the hope to eventually get the Ferrari Affinity to level 50 which is going to be a huge task, but I will get there.


My choice is nothing special, but they get the job done.  These are the Ferrari's I use and their classes.


B 500 - 1991 Ferrari 512 TR

A 600 - 2004 Ferrari F430

S 700 - 2010 Ferrari 458 Italia

R3 800 - 2010 Ferrari 599XX


That's what I'm using at the moment, however I do plan on picking up an R2/R1 at some point to enter those races, or I will convert an S class into possibly an R2 as I find the race cars somewhat boring.

The 599xx is a beast!  I've yet to tune one but it sure has proven to be a challenge against certain courses.  I've just gotten the affinity Factory Driver badge.  It's not too bad if you enjoy Ferrari's, although it did take beating all of the S through R-1 single events, which took a couple weeks.

The F430 was my first choice with the A class.  Surprisingly enough, I tuned a F355 Berlinita and it beat the F430 on Hockenheim by two seconds and completely stomped it at the Alps.  I really didn't see that coming to be honest.  What got me excited was it makes it an excellent choice for drivers first starting out as it only costs around 60K, vs the F430 which I believe is upwards around 130K.  Puts it at the top of my list for competitors on a budget.  Check out the Berlinita, it's actually a pretty fun car to drive.  Initial tune took me to top 6% of the leaderboards, being 10 seconds behind first place.  I think I can push another 3 seconds out of it.

I started tuning it late in the evening last night and still have some fine tuning to do.  It feels completely balanced and it can hug or drift depending on your style, but I think theres still room for improvement.  I'll throw it on my SF when I think I've gotten the most out of it.