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Have any of you seen this yet? I was hosting a gae and at the end of the match I was done and while leaving the match I caught a glimpse of a Female Shepard banner. It looked judt like the best of the best banner but with her instead of male shepard. It happened so fast that I didnt even catch the name of it. I was thinking you may have to beat all challenges twice to get it but I dont know. Searched for it online and got no results.


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hosting a game typo

Haven't heard or seen anything, but if it's true you gotta like the move, it's too bad that there's no accurate read available on the amount of players choosing to play as a Female Shepard over a Male for their playthroughs, it was good of BioWare to make the Female version for the boxart and no reason that they should stop there...:-)

I must state that I am actually one of the most honest people that your ever going to meet. I'm also an adult. I'm not sure if I would believe this post if I hadnt written it. I assure you glitch or what not the female shepard banner does exist. I would really like to find out how to get it. Im still disappointed that I chose to go offline at that point in time. Even if I hadnt im not sure I wanted to send a noobie message "how did you get that banner" ya know?

Look like this?

According to LegionofRannoch on the BSN once you've achieved Best of the Best, which is complete 25 of the Mass Effect challenges, you can go to your N7 HQ manifest, set active Challenge Award, and there should be two banners to choose from one is for the male variant the other is the female variant seen above.

LegionofRannoch's N7 HQ profile which has the female shep BotB banner.

Well....darn it all. The whole reason I wasn't interested in doing them all was because it was Shepaloo looking out from that banner. Now that I know Femshep is a possibility, I might reconsider...

Still...60 promotions is a heck of a lot of playing...

Ha ha, "Shepaloo"?!  Yeah, making that default Male as the "face of the franchise" doesn't fit the mold for me either, I'm still holding out for an 'Ultimate Trilogy Collector's Edition' (that includes hard copies of ALL DLC) where your own personal Shepard data can be printed for the boxart, probably won't happen, but it damned well should...:-)

Yeah kimieva that 60 promotions challenge taunts me as well with my sad 0 complete. It is a lot of playing for sure. I think Fem shep might just be worth it.

Heheh. Yeah, Mark Vanderloo is the face model for default DudeShep. Sheploo or Shepaloo is shorthand for this on BSN.

Here's a pic:

no u saw it right it is the best of the best banner bio wear made it upon request of gamers im a member its the n7 headquaters shows stats challenges and every banner u have even lets u set witch 1 u want displayed

Wow, that is a lot of challenges indeed!  I probably wouldn't be able to complete half of the twenty-five challenges due to the fact that I simply don't care about them (the challenges).  The banners that I was able to unlock came about by simply playing the game.  Congratulations to anyone and everyone who achieves this prestigious reward  :)