Fell Victim to the FALLING GLITCH!!! can anyone help??

So I seem to be another one stuck by the falling glitch. Is there anyone that is willing to join my game to help me get out of this mess???


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Hello, sorry to say, but someone joining will not help you with your situation, when this exact problem happened to me, i invited numerous friends and that did not help in anyway, infact it made it worse, as when friends join you, they teleport to you, and if you are under the map, they will teleport with you and thus render both of you under the map.

The best solution i found will be to revert to a previous save, yes it may mean losing some progress made prior to the falling glitch, but when the glitch is gone you can make up for lost time.

Someone needs to send YOU a game invite I think, while playing. That way your character will be yanked into their world.

you are thinking of the infinite holding hands glitch to fix this - is this your issue, or you just constantly falling? I've helped twice on the holding hand one but not infinite falling - and won't be on til like Friday or saturday

-IF- it is the infinite holding hand glitch invite a henchman, have him goto player swap room (requires at least 2 save states) and then crash to dashboard while in it. If it is not - sorry dunno what to say

I am not aware of ANY way to "revert to a previous save" in fable 2 or 3 - without violating the X-Box TOS - (will not explain that here) you only get 1 save per character) This is not like Skrym, or Fallout - you cannot make multiple save points same character.

I could be wrong here - however on fast travel - such as going to new area - it automatically saves - thus if person re-loaded said save it would be at point of falling. There is never a save from previous points in the game.

Fable 1 YES - Fable 2, and 3 NO -

Yeah. Previous saves are non existant here.