Feels like I'm going to break my controller

Every time a zombie gets a hold of me and I have to thrust the controller forward, makes me feel like I'm damaging my controller. Sometimes it's a button, but when it comes to having to thrust your controller continuously because your not swinging hard enough. Feels like your going to break this thing. Anyone feel that way?


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Not me, I just push forward a bit and that does the trick. It's very responsive for me. Not sure you should be thrusting that hard lol, it shouldn't take that much effort, zombies are usually off on the first shove. Remember what for the circle thing to pop up before doing it.

Yup, found out I was doin it wrong lol. I went like a downward/forward instead of just forward.

You can move any part of your body, using Kinect, to escape a zombie grapple.  You don't need to move the controller itself.

In the kinect settings menu you can turn the option to shake the controller off.

Provided you have the Kinnect hooked up, you can also just take your fist and swing at  the air and that works as well.  This is what I have found to be the easiest method besides pressing the button indicated on screen to get them off of me.