Fedral crime

Gamer Tag:: [Mod Removed] admited to Ddosing and said he would do it in a league game lobby and shorty after the game started he started booting peopl offline.. i submited player review and filed a complaint and told the other to do the same... being its a Fedral crime what else should i do


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The crime here is the sad state of the education system.

i don't know if it's a fedral crime.

The naming of Gamertags is not allowed. I suggest you edit your post or a mod will do it for you.

Used to happen alot in LP i remember,Never saw it in pubs.You should phone the FBI,See what they say to you,Then please post their response on here,Lol!

Hello there RedRumNow :)


You have done all you can do in regards to reporting the player. Your complaint will have been sent off to the Enforcement Team (PET) and they will conduct a very thorough investigation and take any action necessary once they reach a conclusion.


As for the crime of it, that's not something that anyone here can help you with. You would need to take that up with your local law enforcement and go from there. Please note that I have removed the gamertag from your opening post, it's against the rules to name and shame on the forums.


I hope all is well.

Many thanks,


in otherwords what he wanted to say was dont name and shame on the forums, the modder will still be there this time next year but i will be banned for speaking the truth

It's Federal.....sorry