F.E.A.R. franchise forums?

How come there is no forum for any of these games? F.3.a.r actually comes out in 2 months since it delayed to improve its game so it wasn't some rushed games filled with bugs and exploits like some games that have forums But yeah you guys should put a forum up for the f.e.a.r franchise since it had a nice community.


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Non of the game forums are up yet, keep checking back, they will be added soon.

   DMzilla has to create each new forum manually. He added some last night, and here's a quote from his Twitter account, "I'm just going through and creating forums for the "hot" games. Will create more over the weekend and throughout next week."


   So, just be patient, I'm sure they'll be up soon.

"hot" games and yet deadly premonition has a forum :)

They will prob put one up around the time of release. Looks like a fun game too. Anyone know if it will have local co-op? I know it's the main feature in this game.

I just saw a Toys'R'Us flyer that says the game will be in stores Tuesday!?  Also a free $50 gift card with purchase making it a $9 game!?  Can anyone verify release date?

Yea it comes out then just saw a commercial for it on t.v

Got a better look at the ad, it says if you buy the new mortal kombat AND fear 3 you get the gift card.  Not quite as awesome as I posted earlier.  Still I suppose you could sell the extras and still get the game for basically nothing.

Here are the links to the forums

There is no F.3.A.R forums, but there weren't any on the old forums either.  That's up to the developers to request the forums be added.