FEAR 3's multiplayer?

Are there still people playing online on this game?  Or do I need to sit for a half hour, trying to get a full lobby?


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The game wasn't very populated when it released. I can't imagine it's any better now.

I played the first 2 so I figured I'd get the 3rd one cheap for Christmas. You'll probably never find a game. Not even worth trying, if you ask me.

I remember buying 2 back in 2009, in a matter of 2 months, the game's multiplayer population drop significally.


The MP was subpar anyways, but it was kinda shocking how quickly people jump to other games.

Sadly all servers are dead :(

I bought it a few weeks ago, love the game but its dead online. I've yet to be able to find a single game going.

Most likely because there is no Team Deathmatch style multiplayer in this game. Its all objective based co-op missions. And a "Horde" like game mode.

But personally looks like it could be pretty fun though. 

That's pretty sad... but I also got a friend to get the game.. please tell me the co-op is good.. And is the horde mode free?

Co-op campaign is fine I suppose. As for the horde mode, it's not particularly amazing (like 3-4 maps per gametype with I think 1-2 co-op gametypes, including free DLC) but I guess you could probably do them with just 2 people.

Also, is the game creepy/suspenful at all?