F.E.A.R 3 The Horror!

Sooo i picked this game up friday, (had no idea it was coming out) and it's actually pretty damn good!  Really good fps, and can be pretty scary too, if you crank up the volume, the music really adds to the atmosphere and the growls of creeper really give ya the chills, then the madmen that charge at you and the weird fricken fast mutant things make you panic like mad especially when you need to reload.  I enjoyed this game very much!  Anyone looking at getting a new game i reccomend it, Hardcore gamers might not find it scary since they no what to expect, but for core gamers it should be a blast.  Especially since it's easy to pick up and play too!

Online adds plently of fun to, %%%%%%% RUN is awesome and theres a Nazi zombie style survival mode, and 2 others.  Really fun to play, especially when it gets hectic.

Secondly i'd like to know what people are afraid of in games.. A few people i seen on youtbe etc posted that F.E.A.R 3 wasn't even scary etc After playing it i swear they must of been playing a different game!  I even seen people say Dead Space wasn't scary and Condemned and i honestly thought they were mad! I love Horror Games, i like turning off the lights; turning up the volume, being caught of guard, pausing the game and screaming.  My own fear in games is when you are in the pitch black, ie yout're tourch goes off you can't see anything but you know something is there, and sound effects, i remeber playing through dead space and i could hear twinkle twinkle little star....and the alien that you couldn't kill but you had to run from!

So yeah what games scared the hell out of you? Oh and no i haven't played Amnesia it won't run on my laptop but i'm very aware it;s brutally chilling!




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FEAR 3 is a great game, as of right now it's the biggest surprise hit in my collection for 2011.  I really only bought it because I got a free copy of FEAR 2 & the fact that it has a Co-op Campaign.  I played FEAR1 & didn't like it one bit, I forced my way through it then gave it the boot.  I passed on FEAR2 just because I wasn't going to bother.  But when I heard FEAR3 would have Co-op, I was sold.


I am having a blast with this game.  Let me just say this tho, I don't care 1 bit for the story.  I don't find it interesting or scary.  I'm all about the fun gameplay this game offers.  From the nicely implemented Cover System to the Challenges & ranking, i've been having a complete blast with it.  The campaign isn't that long but you can get 2 to 4 playthroughs and have fun.


And another reason why I made a purchase was because of the unique style of MP.  When I read it was only 4 players I was very intrigued.  All the modes are great but I love the 2 Co-operative modes, F---ing Run & Contractions (survival wave mode).  I actually hope we get some DLC for this because i'd love to keep it fresh.


As for scary games, Condemned is the only game that ever made me jump out my skin more than just once.  Dead Space, Resident Evil, Silent Hill, all great games but never got to me.  I must also add that i've been watching horror movies since the 80s, when I was young & most kids were watching cartoons or muppets, I was enjoying Horror films.  

Wasn't a fan of the MP at all. But I thought the campaign was great. Co-op worked surprisingly well and being able to play as Paxton is a nice change of pace for the franchise.

This thread has sold me on it.  I loved the first 2 FEAR games and have been wanted to get FEAR 3, however I went out and bought FEAR Files about 2 months ago which disappointed me big time (I actually returned this game...and I NEVER return xbox games!), it was totally not what I was expecting from a FEAR game compared to the first two.  

I'll check out FEAR 3, I hope it's a good horror game, plus coop campaign has me sold.  I have beat Condemned 1 and am playing through Condemned 2 now (both great games).  Bring on the horror!

I only rented it and never touched multiplayer at all, but the singleplayer was better than i thought it was going to be albeit somewhat short(only played through as pointman)

I've only played the first interval and it's hardly as scary as the first one.  It seems like a good but standard FPS to me.  I have a friend who wants to co-op it and that part, I'm looking forward to. 

Does it have offline-co'op?

I'm sad to say that I can't play games like this by myself, don't have the stomach for it. Always been this way, even the zombie-dlc for Borderlands made me feel a little sick.

But, with a friend it's all good! :)