Fear 3 forums?

Where are they?


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They don't exist. There are lots of game specific forums they are simply too lazy to add. I defended the forum change at first. I told everyone that it was just beginning and fixes were on the way. I hate being made out to look like a liar. Anyway, if you want to talk about the game, use the original Fear section. Or if you have a question, ask it here.

Try here.

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Like Lunatic said, the original FEAR forums are "hosting" the FEAR 3 threads, until it gets added.  You can got there for now.

Thookins you and I are on the same page today - July 4th.

Why is there no F.E.A.R. 3 forum?

Fyi everyone I know people are talking about the game in question in both the Fear forums, and the Fear 2 forums. Not only that, I posted on both of them before I started this thread.  I was simply trying to get more people to talk about it, as it's unacceptable.  Microsoft needs to rectify the problem.  There will most likely be more post like this in the future until the problem is fixed.  

Its not microsoft. The game company must request a forum for their game. I guess they did not.

I remember when the changes took place and we didn't have a Australian general discussion, so we hijacked the Earth Defense Force forums and made them our own for about 3 weeks.