FC3 Questions and Answers

We managed to get some more questions answered through UbiTimS one of the FC3 Community Developers, he worked with Ubi Massive Sweden who are doing the Multiplayer and Editor side so we got some good ones in, there were 5 which did not get answered but things should hot up in just over a fortnight as E3 is not that far away now.

You can view the Questions and Answers here. FCMaps Q and A Session
maxpower also has his own site called Battlemap - he opted for some different pictures with the same Q and A session, You have to see the pic of Vaas its so damn cool.

Vies his site here. Battlemap - Q and A Session (alternate Pics)

And finally DapperHayden who runs the site FarCryUniverse also got some of his own questions in which you can see below.
FCU Q and A with UbiTimS

Also Gearhead from Ubisoft Massive Sweden has been keeping a post which he updates, this is full of questions from the Community and as Massive are working with the Multiplayer side and have been for over 2 and a half  years - they are the ones also rolling out the in game editor for us - so the Answers are pretty good for anyone who has not yet seen them.

MP FAQ Thread

IGE (In Game Editor) FAQ Thread


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Also if im not mistaking if you pre-order Ghost Recon: Future Soldier you will be entitled to the Beta.

Awesome links CHAMP

An excellent post!

Thanks for the info, man!

Do you know if Capture the Diamond is coming back?

@oA LIKKEL FLIPo - In the multiplayer Q&A I read, it said that they were not incorporating capture the diamond or any type of "CTF" game mode into FC3. I feel like the CTD/STS style game modes are at the heart of the FarCry series, & I'm not happy about them taking it out of the new title.  

What?!?!?! No CTF mode?   >:-(

any objective based gameplay?

Check out the "Multi-Player FAQ" thread in the original post. It answers alot of questions about the new game's online play. Thats where i got the information regarding the removal of a CTF game mode. Also, how about not having no "prone" in the multi player.......wtf?

Not having prone is ok as far as I'm concerned. Not a big deal in a game like this. A more tactical military type shooter I think should include prone but I guess we'll have to wait and see how FC3 is. In fact, I wonder what the "style" will be seeing as how both FC:IP and FC2 had two different styles of online play. I felt like FC:IP had a halo-esque style while FC2 had a COD-esque style.

I am looking forward to this game either way.  I just hope it is good enough to keep the servers busy for at least a year.  That means the game needs stuff for us to level up and unlock along the way or something.  

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