favourite class in mp

so i have been playing mp all weekend and love playing the qaurian engineer with the falcon assult rifle that shoots grenade shots, i have just started messing around with other classes and trying to open up a qaurian infiltrator,


whats your fav class to play and fav weapon?


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Salarian Engineer now that the Quarian Infiltrator is the most useless class in the game because of the nerf. I don't have a favorite weapon either really. Whatever does decent damage at almost no weight cost is good enough for me. (IE: Heavy Pistols)

I only have the humans and turian/krogan soldiers but I'm loving the krogan so far. It's given me a new appreciation for carnage and the geth shotgun is lots of fun to use.

Sentinels. They seem the most ready for any situation. Tech armor explosions are awesome too. Great for playing on offensive and defensive.

I just acquired the Asari Adept last night and it seems to be my favorite thus far.

I tend to like the Biotics/Adept more as opposed to others, simply fits my playstyle I guess. Offers plenty of crowd control and support with Stasis (stasis bubble), and just as well can be great offensively with Throw and Warp.

Love the biotic moves as well, such as going down ladders.

As for weapons, haven't unlocked much just yet. Once I get the Arc Pistol though I'd say that might be my favorite as it was in the SP, other than maybe the Javelin when that's acquired for my Infiltrator classes.

Asari Vanguard  and Drell adept.

The Asari Adept is a great variation on the class.  I love to be a support player, rather than always trying to run up the score for myself.  Having stasis is a great way to take pressure off the squad when things get dicey, so I'm more than content to circle the perimeter and look for opportunities to do just that.  I also enjoy the Infiltrator class, especially with a high end sniper rifle and all the damage perks for cloaked attacks.

Salarian Infiltrator.(team medic)

Human Vanguard. Biotic charge charges barrier, nova with full barrier for max damage then charge to get barrier up. Zipping around the map killing everything amuses me.  I also enjoy the Salarian Infiltrator with level 10 Mantis sniper.

Drell Vanguard or Asari Adept, with Stasis and Warp maxed. With the Asari, using just a sniper with Stasis is insanely deadly.

I have a human engineer.  Its all about overload and incinerate.  I don't like enemies w/ shields.  Or barriers.  Overload deals with that situation quickly.  And w/ the M8 Avenger assault rifle and M97 Viper sniper rifle, I feel pretty confident in Silver.


Also have a Krogan Soldier w/ a Geth Plasma shotgun and some pistol.  One hit melees on most basic enemies and the Krogan can take on a brute one on one pretty easily w/ no help from the team.  Can usually finish them off w/ a melee when their armor is down to two bars.  Don't know if I'd play silver with this one.  Krogan makes me run into fire suicidally

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