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So everyone can discuss there favorite play styles and builds. Talk about anything from Generic clases to hybrid clases. Races and questlines. I`ll start :)


I did really enjoy playing the "Default" dragonborn build, you know, heavy armor with 2h weapons. Bu what started out as a project has become a new favorite build.

Its a Breaton Necro/shadow mage. In all the old Es games whenever I played a mage I usually combined Destruction and Conjuration for a high damage out put. Now I am using a lot of Illusion coupled with necomancy to take down enemies from a distance and continue raising the fallen ones to control the flow of the fight. If a bad guy comes to attack me I simpily cast fear to send them runningback to fight and ultimatly get cut down by their old best friend. Mwahaha.

 I did take the vampire lord after getting my restoation to 70 and getting the necromage perk so that all spells cast on myself recive boosts along with any enchanted gear, powers and vl gives a +25% illusion power too. Various bits of gear give a plus X% magika regen and with all that added up I currently have 320%magik regen thanks the the necromage/vampire lord combo. Also a high Alteration skill and 3 points in the mage armor perk puts Stoneflesh on par with ebony armor and Ironflesh slightly above Legendary Daedric.  

All in all this build is an over powered manapool control freak. I have added some points to destruction for those pesky dragon fights where there are no guards to bring back.


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Forgot to add, Just joined the mages college, Got as fa as becoming a Vampire Lord in Dawnguard and just finished the First primary target for the Dark Brotherhood. Db is fun I have to admit, not stabbed anyne, just cast fury from the shadws and let bystanders take care of the target :3

Dunmer vampire. The vanilla vampire without dawnguard. I like people to fear me at stage 4 vampirism as I don't see the point of being a vampire otherwise.

Use swords, light armour and stealth and the occasional destruction spell.

Currently in Solstheim doing the dragonborn quests.

Pretty much this^ Except mine is a Vampire Lord. Walk around in the Royal Armor and when in combat tranform into a total monster and annihilate anything... then back to innocent human/undead form :) Also a Dunmer.

No matter how hard I try, I always end up playing the same way in the end.

I use a lot of sneak, archery, one-handed with healing in the other hand.

I use light armor, and the crafting skills are the ones I load perks into... Smithing, Alchemy and Enchanting.

Everything else is usually just for leveling purposes.

I've been playing a type of Assassin/Archer that I made my own unique type of character.


I've gone full Archery, the entire right side of Sneak with a few perks on the left side and 1/5 in stealth, enough perks in Illusion to reduce cast cost and going up the right side to get quiet casting, in Conjuration I took all the perks to make my Conjured Bow more powerful and got the perk to use soul trap as well as going up the right side of the tree to reduce casting cost and dual casting.  I also took Blacksmithing up to Dragonbone as well as Arcane Blacksmithing to upgrade unique armors already enchanted.


I find myself not really using Bound Bow as much since I made my Dragonbone bow.  I'm also sporting a full Dragon Scale outfit with the Krosis mask with everything enchanted with either more stamina, stamina regen or increased Bow damage.  I also tend to use backstabs.  I barely use Illusion as it is since most everything seems to resist it.  Haven't leveled Illusion much.


I have both the Dawnguard and Dragonborn DLC's.  Just finished the Dawnguard part and am still doing the Crossbow schematic side quests and am still doing the Dragonborn stuff.  I am loving the new armors and REALLY love the new Nordic armor.  Gave it to Lydia and she looks amazing with them.  Gave Serana the entire Dragon Scale outfit while she still uses her own head gear which looks great.  Gave her Auriel's Shield and a Dragonbone Sword which she tends to use when overwhelmed.


That's about the jist of it.  I am just now level 40 and still have quite a bit to explore.  I plan on redoing some perks once I complete the Dragonborn main quest.  Oh, I also went with being a Werewolf and gotta say it's alot more fun now with the new perks.  I find myself using the form quite alot.

My main character is an Imperial and I wanted to be a pure melee type character. The problem I ran into was that once block, one handed, two handed, heavy armor, light armor, and restoration were maxed out, I had to use other skills to keep ranking up. So now I'm focusing on sneak, destruction, archery, pickpocketing you name it to rank up. Kind of defeats the purpose of being a melee character but what can you do...Besides the only way to kill a legendary dragon for the achievment is to be a very high level I think.....

My favourite character type is an Altmer pure mage and has been since Morrowind. Uses magic for almost everything and carries staffs and an enchanted dagger for backup when out of magicka.

I have other characters I like playing but don't play them as much as my Altmer mage characters. An Argonian Assassin, An Orc Dawnguard Warrior, and a Dunmer Battlemage, and an Altmer Nightblade Vampire Lord.

I always use the same basic character augmented by a few different skills or items I've found.


My last one found a Staff of Paralysis that I enjoyed quite a bit. The one I'm playing now is using Jyrik's Staff, which is helpful.


I typically use Heavy Armour, One Handed, Archery, Pickpocket, Block, Restoration and a little Sneak... some Smithing and Speech on the side... so on :P


I considered Magic but after giving it a bit of a shot I really wasn't actually impressed.