favorite non lethal stealth takedown

I will start with the one that inspired me...in cover against retaining wall and perp is coming up stairs after zip line in safehouse. perp gets dropped and flipped in some sort of mma leg lock twist to hide him from the view of others as he is fully subdued...SICK!!!!! Will post more as they get better, post urs.

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I just like the simple ones from under the enemy.  Hanging on a ledge, jumping up and grabbing their head and ramming it into either the railing or ground.  The way the body bounces is very rewarding to me for some sick reason.

How do you do those variations of takedowns? Do you just approach the enemy in a different angle or what?

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How do you do those variations of takedowns? Do you just approach the enemy in a different angle or what?


You need to pick either lethal or non-lethal from the gadget radial by pressing X to toggle between the 2.

When you approach an enemy from above, below or behind, you'll be prompted to press X again to perform the move.

Yeah but I keep doing the same animations over and over

I like the takedowns when hanging on you bang the enemies heads against the railing or wall.

Everyone I've come across so far is an enemy of the people, there's NO "non-lethal" takedowns for them - even and ESPECIALLY dogs. Everybody dies, EVERYBODY!


Anyway, my favourite kill - that 1st Briggs mission in the English Channel. I tried and failed it must've been about two dozen times (mind you I loved it). It was that damn dog that got me every time, either directly or indirectly from me stumbling into something else trying to avoid it.


Anyway in the end I opened that door and jumped up on the pipe, dog come investigating and I hit it with sleeping gas. The enjoyable part was carrying it back out through the front doors and throwing it into The English Channel.


Start swimming Rover!


Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan! I enjoyed that. The rest was a breeze and I learnt a lot from it - that being every dog dies! And I'm actually a dog lover, but not in this game.


The game selects the animation based on the situation. I was crouched behind cover and I actually move my thumbstick back into cover (away from where they see me) not sure if that actually does something but I have had a hard time recreating the one I mentioned where it looks like Sam takes him down with his legs  from like a shoulder stand and flips back behind cover so no one can see.

You think it varies by difficulty? I noticed animations were different when playing on rookie and normal

I like when the guy is coming up the stairs then I grab him from behind cover then see Sam knock him out just by applying pressure to his throat. I like the face plant when Sam jumps down ramming them into the ground. Smooth and efficient!

You can also do a "moving takedown" by marking the enemy (only him) and pressing the execute button when close, as in REALLY close