Favorite Map?

I am glad that Dice created good maps all around..really havent had one that I dont like. My favorite this far is Tehran Highway, and that says something considering I play this game for the vehicle warfare mostly. There are only tanks and light vehicles here, but the layout is really good. I have a few good areas I like to camp out and catch people by surprise. I know I will get flamed, but oh well. Spawn Beacon + Motion Sensor = mayhem


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Hello again lol but mine is definitely kharg island that map is fricken awesome I love how the attackers spawn off the ship.  Least favorite is operation metro and I'm sure most agree with me lol.

I like Kharg too, it kind of reminds me of Oil Rig in the Battlefield MC game. I need to see if I can snipe people inbound on vehicles. Thinking of that, I hope tracer darts are in BF3 so I can get those landing vehicles before they hit land. Ahh, the thoughts....

It depends on the mode. OP Metro is real FUN in Conquest. It is weird that Metro is my least favorite on Rush, but it is the map I like the MOST in Conquest. Tehran Highway in conquest has some great close quarters Tank battles.