Favorite Load Out

Please list your favorite load outs.

Weapon dmg w/ enchantment, Armor ratings and anchantments, and or favorite distruction spells w/ dmg.

I carry a Dedric Bow that does 128 dmg. & has a 25pt fire dmg enchantment. I use ebony arrows when I get my hands on em.

I also have an Ebony Mail that makes which increases my sneak and inflicts 5 pts poison dmg. to anyone close enough.

I have Ebony Guantlets that do 25% more bow dmg.

A gold ring that does 22% more bow dmg.

Ebony Boots that allow 25 more carry cap.

Ebony Helmet that does 22% more bow dmg. (Yes I love my bow, it's so beast!)

By the way I am level 78 on my bow, so two more level and my bow does twice as much dmg. (Thats what the skill says at least, so im sure it will jump it up quite a bit higher.



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I am a sneaky character; carry a normal Ebony Sword that does 140 (I don't like Daedric looks much) but I do keep a Daedric dagger that has about 85 damage for when I sneak around. I also use a Nightingale Sword for when things get intense (think it does about 109 damage).

Armor wise, I use Blades armor. The chest does about 210 armor points. Gauntlets are about 90 as well as the boots I think. I wear a Ebony helmet with it that does 130 armor points and it lets me breathe underwater.

I usually wear both a ring and necklace that increases one-handed damage by 25% each. And I have this special perk that lets me decapitate enemies. :D

I don't have anything that high; wow.  I'm level 52 I wonder how much greater many of you are.


I wear all Ebony armor (Legendary) that with my shield adds up to 590 or so; can't remember exact.  The Helmet I can breath underwater, the gloves increase one-handed attacks by 30%, the boots are resistant to frost up to 50%, the armor chest plate increases health regeneration and my Shield is the Spellbreaker that blocks spells; rather cool.  I carry 2 weapons, an Ebony sword that is at 97 that also does fire damage and the Daedric Mace that absorbs souls and that is at 93.  I care a bow but rarely use it, it was the one given to me by that chick in the Nightingales I believe.  The weapons are also all at Legendary.


I don't take anybody with me, don't need it as find I can kill most things with a couple of strikes with most one strike one kill.  Most kills now go the the Assassin's Creed type kill shots; would say 7/10.


My one-handed is at 100,  My blocking is at 100.  My heavy-armor is at 100; have all the perks for these.


I wear a ring that increases my health regeneration by 30%.  I also have some type of amulet that I wear that increases health, stamina and magic by 30 points.      


I have a smithing ring and neckless.  I also carry a haggling neckless for 20% better.  Also carry a sneak ring though was only wearing it when in the Thieves Guild when doing jobs.  Since done all the quests and only have misc. left, I haven't use it for some time.

Standard Legendary Steel Plate with a standard Legendary Ebony Shield and Blades Katana.


I also carry a standard Legendary Daedric Bow and a similar Two Handed weapon if there's one I like.


The Katana has Soul Trap for a second on it as its only enchantment, while the shield has two on it. My Steel Plate I always have equipped with a few Fortify Stamina 62 points, one 62 point Health enchantment, Waterbreathing for humour value and one Fortify Archery 40% enchantment to give the bow a slight buff. I also use a Fortify One Handed for a little more damage on the Katana, upping it to just under 100, I believe.


I tend to charge straight in to combat (oh no a melee character AHHH!) even though I hold a bow for flexibility. I tend only to use the bow for taking shots at and trying to hit Dragons, which doesn't really work but is still very fun :P


No magic here, other than the starting healing spell whenever I get really desperate, as slow as that is.

"Konahrik" Dragon Priest Mask

Blades armor - enchanted with health

Blades gauntlets - enchanted with archery

Blades boots - enchanted with resist frost

Ring - enchanted with health

Amulet of Talos - 20% cooldown bonus on shouts

Right Hand - Dragonbane - 30 extra damage to dragons!! 10 shock damage to everything else

Left Hand - Ebony War Axe - enchanted with fire