Favorite LMG?

After the latest patch its the LSAT for  me . Like the M60 as far as scatter but seems to put em down hard when it hits. Your preference? i feel like the rpk and 27 got weak as heck...


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it is weak, but it fires at 900rpm, so you can can mow people down in a sec cross map.

I normally rotate them. Whatever LMG I feel like using, I will use. I do not have a specific LMG that is my go-to LMG.

L86, M27

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RPK seems to do well although i was watching a vid on LMG's and it was saying that there is no reason to choose it over the M27 as it has the same damage but slower Rof.I do like the RPK though.@Prae,Dude you were'nt the only person in the game to use the PKP,I used it abit because of its power but it use to kick like a mule,I used to put a grip on it to tone it down a little,but i always prefered the lighter weapons like the RPK/M27.I used to use the 240 abit aswell,I liked that gun cos i once had a beast game with it on Seine long before rent a server.I was never into the 249 that much even though it was the best at the time.I on rare occasions bang a laser on the 249 on Metro so i can run into the locker rooms spraying.Its alot of fun like that if its packed in there.


I know mate.  I just rarely saw it before Premium hit.  If you look at my set-ups on BLog you'll see all manner of "crappy guns" that people don't use because there's no 1337 camo for it lol.  I don't even see the SCAR used much...

PKP. So fun on Metro for just spraying down hallways, just hipfire and watch the enemy crumble before your 1337 skill.


Probably did buff it again. They nerfed it because it was raw as hell during b2k. They always rebuff things they've nerfed.

I hate DICE.  Every man and his dog uses the PKP now.  I used that sucker for months before the Premium assignments came along and ruined everything by showing everyone how good the gun is.  Can't they have given the assignment to the Type-99 instead?

Not that I actually notice anyone with the 1337 camo on it mind you.

Damn you DICE, now if I use the PKP everyone will think I'm following the sheep.

Flung the RPK on my character today on Siene.  It was surprisingly good.  Haven't used it in ages...

they're all bad

Because the SCAR sucks.

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