Father full time job looking for na fun guild

HI all looking for fun guild to run with. I'm a dad and have a job so not on all the time 


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if you guys are looking for an already established guild , consider joining Soulforged , for "mature" > 30 yo  players , check out -soulforgedguild.com , no annoying voice chatter tolerated , friendly , happy to help with crafting and events ,  for NA DC players .

Same here.  Level 40 NightBlade.   Looking for a guild.  GT is Grim Gambit.

I also a father working 60 hour weeks so don't have much time to play. But when I do have the time would be nice to have people to chat with and play along with. I'm not completely attached to any one alliance as of yet and my levels are on the lower end due to not investing much time as of yet. But if you or anyone else is interested add me on xbox: GT Mack428

I sure will thank you

hey I also am a father who plays part time as well can you shoot me an invite AJQIV is my gamertag

Send me a message on Xbox live at ryan7sf