Fatality with each playable character.

I've been trying to get this achievement, and have gone through what I believe is every character and performed a fatality with each one, but the achievement has yet to unlock.  I've gone into Nekropolis and viewed the stats on each player to confirm that each character has performed a fatality.  I had been just playing the first match of beginner ladder, then performing the fatality for each character.  Is there another, maybe unlockable player that I'm missing?  Thanks.


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I don't know if you've tried it yet but you might be missing the Babality or Stage fatality. These are all hidden and wont be avaialable on the move list until you've performed it at least once. If you need to know a sequence for the moves let me know and I'll message you. Good luck and I hope this helps.

If you do a fatality then immediately exit, it's not actually counting it. It even tells you before you exit that unsaved progress will be lost during that match. Best to go through the ladder, choosing new players in the match after to get their fatality as well. Also, recheck the Nekropolis. Maybe you missed one.