Fastest method to lvl up a new pro

i got a 50ovr 3point specialist. Since the game has been out for so long i figured someone has to have a trick to getting through the 82 game seasons.....i just dont have the time to play that many games with work and class


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Just delete the saved Jordan game and thats it. I did the same thing. 

i know this is off topic but this new stupid way they change all this to wouldnt let me post a new one. i use a cheat to unlock tha jordan mode and played it if any one know if i delete tha code and tha save jordan game will i start getting achievwments again

I had a 68 overall 6'8 Shooting guard. i played 5 minute quarters and played about 3-4 games a day. i got from 45 to 68 in a matter of about 2 months. but i completed all in game obj's everytime. now im working on a 7'5 center and i already have is overall at 63 after 2 weeks. he started at 42 -_-  not that hard bro. play the game like you would in real life, dont always have to score, you get more added to your teammate grade if you get boards and assists. doing screens is a very good way to contribute to your teammate grade as well. if you get an A+ in a game, thats 900 SP right there. winning the game, 100, getting an A+ is another 100. try getting up your consistency up first. its one of the most important skills in the game.  do low SP skills first. that will get you overall up the fastest

The best thing you can do is put the the quarters for 1 minute. But your stats will be lowered.